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We have more than just a team,
we have a human heritage

L’unicità di ogni persona rende unica la squadra

The uniqueness of each person makes the team unique

A company is not the simple sum of the people who make it up, because there is a factor that is not mathematical and that concerns on the one hand the uniqueness of each person - his competence, his talent and his personality - and on the other hand, the relationships - professional and human - that are created and make a team successful, a bit like when you always combine different molecules in the challenges of the innovation product.

Productive process

In MG each person performs an individual action closely linked with that of the others, in the different stages of the process, from the internal laboratories to the production plants, to customer assistance.

team processo
team processo
team processo

Forming, enhancing and working in a team are the key words of our company, which offers continuous opportunities for updating and growth.

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