for 50 years

For 50 years we have been developing innovative thermoplastic films with the aim of improving their performance, minimizing the environmental impact.

A story of a business born in the family, grown in our territory, exported all over the world.



We believe in a sustainable future and we’ll do our best to achieve it through recycling, efficiency and awareness



We adapt on our clients’ needs to always find the correct solution



We take care of our clients in every stage of the process



We have always invested in research and development with commitment and dedication

For some they are plastics,
for us they are solutions

Versatility as a rule

We work the widest range of thermoplastic resins, even the most advanced, always with the same goal: to satisfy the most difficult, and often unique, requirements set by our customers.

From design to manufacture, we produce flexible films from 7 to 1000 microns, up to 11 layers, with multiple properties.

Dalla progettazione alla realizzazione Dalla progettazione alla realizzazione

We specialize in solutions for converting and packaging.
We shape the answers, we produce certainties.







Excellence travels fast, from automotive to aerospace

Film with matrix or reinforcement functionality for high innovation applications in different markets.
They improve impact and abrasion resistance, increase durability in aggressive environments and, where necessary, reduce acoustic propagation.



The energy of innovation: a range of high performance encapsulating films

Better performance in terms of mechanical protection of solar cells, especially in flexible modules, with a greater passage of sunlight. Excellent results even in critical applications and aggressive environments for a longer life of the modules.



Innovation is in good health.

Films according to the stringent industry regulations, with wide compatibility with the various sterilization processes, as well as easy and regular workability.




We develop customized solutions.

Through a scientific choice of resins, an engineering design of the film layering, a proven competence in the management of the various film extrusion and post-processing technologies.

We invest in research & development
with commitment & dedication

Our deep knowledge of plastics and their applications comes from a strong passion for innovation, long experience and constant investment in research and development.

ricerca sviluppo ricerca sviluppo

Definition of requirements

Understanding the specific needs of the customer allows us to provide equally specific answers.


Generation of ideas

We are passionate about the search for solutions: for us they are not just polymers, they are elements to be related to each other, new possibilities to be translated into action.


Realization and testing of prototypes

We also perform special tests for suitability for food contact (worst-case calculation, global migration, ..), durability (QUV, thermal aging, thermal cycling, etc.), flame resistance (UL).


Product industrialization

We are equipped with production lines in bubble, cast, calendrer and water quench technology for the production of mono- and co-extrusion films, to which must be added the production of barrier films.


Product validation

The product is tested at the customer’s with our assistance, until the final validation.

In our chemical and physical laboratories

We study and apply the properties of the different polymers, their production specificities, their functional characteristics. We perform migration tests with various simulants, making and testing prototypes in our pilot plants.


Thus, in a sector where technological evolution and the market require increasingly specialized products, we excel by our ability to model ourselves on the customer's needs and to offer him new solutions.

We take care of our customers
every step of the way

From technical service to logistics, we use proven methods and tools to respond to different needs, paying close attention to the satisfaction of our customers.

Incontri preliminari

Preliminary meetings

Visits by appointment to focus on the customer's specific technical needs.

Assistenza rapida e supporto nell’applicazione

Quick assistance and application support

From sampling to prototyping and test execution, up to final validation. Secondary processes such as perforation, cutting, welding, embossing, orientation (MDO), surface treatment (physical or chemical).

customer care customer care


Reduced lead times and worldwide deliveries. Storage agreements in our automated and air-conditioned warehouse.

customer care customer care

Our aim?
An ever-greener plastic

The future looks at nature

MG believes in a sustainable future and uses also solar energy and trigeneration in its production plants.
It works to improve the recycling of flexible packaging and promotes environmental awareness initiatives in the area.

In 2021 MG confirmed its commitment in circular economy and obtained the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC Plus) for the creation of sustainable supply chain.

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sostenibilità carbon footprint

In the first months of 2022 MG analyzed Carbon Footprint for its PP and PE films.

This was also an important way to deepen the analytical corporate culture on CO2 production.

The films produced by MG are a fundamental component for the production of modern flexible packaging.

These not only allow to effectively protect the product and guarantee its total safety, but also offer the least environmental impact, compared to other types of packaging, as they use less resources and have the least greenhouse effect.

Pesano di meno

Less weight

Flexible films are very light: they represent only 10% of the weight of all food packaging used in Europe and on the other hand contain more than 40% of the food, with very little impact on the weight of the products.

Minor volume

Less volume

They use much less material than their alternatives and this means less packaging to be collected, sorted and recycled.

Meno spreco grazie a forme precise

Less waste thanks to precise shapes

The shape and format conform exactly to the volume of the product, reducing material losses, and the adjustable portions help to avoid food waste.

Proteggono e conservano prodotti di valore

Protect and store valuable products

They maintain the benefits inside and keep the harmful agents outside, through customized barriers and intelligent combinations of materials (polymers, paper, aluminium) with different properties, extending the shelf life of the products.

Risparmio di risorse

Saving resources

Lightness and reduced volume allow to decrease the energy used for transport and storage, also contributing to the reduction of heavy vehicle traffic.

On the one hand their weight, far lower than rigid plastic containers, contributes to a lower environmental impact, on the other, innovative research is already moving towards the new frontiers of bio plastics.

sostenibilità sostenibilità
Tecnologie al servizio della sostenibilità

Technologies at the service of sustainability

In addition to using energy with reduced environmental impact, we work to obtain 100% recyclable products. We recover our waste to generate opportunities for new products.

We have more than just a team,
we have a human heritage

L’unicità di ogni persona rende unica la squadra

The uniqueness of each person makes the team unique

A company is not the simple sum of the people who make it up, because there is a factor that is not mathematical and that concerns on the one hand the uniqueness of each person - his competence, his talent and his personality - and on the other hand, the relationships - professional and human - that are created and make a team successful, a bit like when you always combine different molecules in the challenges of the innovation product.

Productive process

In MG each person performs an individual action closely linked with that of the others, in the different stages of the process, from the internal laboratories to the production plants, to customer assistance.

team processo
team processo
team processo

Forming, enhancing and working in a team are the key words of our company, which offers continuous opportunities for updating and growth.

team team team team team team team

We are a company,
we are a family

Since 1972 our history has continued to grow with our family, continually opening up to the challenges of the market, increasing the solidity of the company and remaining anchored to human values.

struttura struttura

United in life and work

A story made of intuitions, challenges, commitment and results, which began with the founders Riccardo Magrin and his wife Gabriella, now in its second generation with the children Barbara, Nicola and Filippo.

Riccardo Magrin

Riccardo Magrin


Nicola Magrin

Nicola Magrin

Commercial Director

Filippo Magrin

Filippo Magrin

Production manager

barbara Magrin

Barbara Magrin

HR & Marketing Manager

Michele Detassis

Michele Detassis

R&D Manager

Paolo Zurna

Paolo Zurna

Food Quality and Safety Manager

Our corporate philosophy

A family business does not only mean ownership and management, but also its inclusion philosophy, both towards the large family of collaborators and towards the "extended" family of the inhabitants of its territory, to whom MG always looks carefully, through local initiatives, school activities and job offers.

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